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Our Services

Our goal is to advocate for you and your desired position. At our core we are focused on resumes but, we understand it takes quite a bit more to land that next job. We built our services to meet you where you are in your job search and our packages are designed to be tailored for your individual needs. If you have any questions about how we can assist you please don't hesitate to send us a message!

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Learn more about the Basic Resume Package by clicking below.

  • While resumes seem basic they are anything but. Chalked full of key words and attention grabbing words, all while displaying your personality. We tailor your resume to you!

  • This package is designed for anyone who has a resume but needs a powerful tool to land that big interview.

  • The end product is an updated customized resume and cover letter in multiple editable formats. 

Basic Resume Package

The Resume and Cover Letter Package 

  • Cover letters have their place in applying for certain positions. Not sure if you need one? Contact us today!

  • This package includes a customized cover letter written to display your unique value proposition. Created to capture the hiring manager's attention, and provides a compelling action step.

  • The end product is a customized resume and cover letter in multiple editable formats. 

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Learn more about the Resume and Cover letter Package by clicking below.

Professionals Plan

  • Leadership roles often require a resume to have a few extra elements.

  • Often these resume are viewed by office staff who might not be familiar with field terminology. Our background in both helps communicate between those gaps.

  • Our interview prep prepares you for how to discuss your experience in an impactful way. 

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Currently our Professionals Plan is customized per individual. Use the button below to contact us. 

Resume Consultation

  • If you are comfortable editing your own resume this might be the perfect option for you

  • Book a video call or two with us to discuss important changes you can make to your resume. 

  • Tips for your interview.

  • Tips for job searching.

  • Behind the scenes of the major job platforms, how to get noticed.

  • Tips for networking.

  • Expectations the employers in your industry have.

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Learn more about booking a 30 minute video call with us today by clicking below.

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