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Why we do what we do.

Red Resume was born from the idea that often the best candidates are overlooked for positions. Good people deserve good jobs, and the chance to be successful. Our goal is to bring a professional service to those that need it most. We tailor our services not for executives but, for the hard working Albertans. Our background in Human Resources means we understand what it takes to navigate the complex world of finding a new job. Having a professional resume is the first step in having the confidence to apply for that next level position. 


Maybe your resume hasn't been dusted off in a few years, maybe it needs a couple updates, or you aren't sure where you last saved it. No problem, contact us and we would love to help : )  


"In a competitive job market every advantage can make a big difference in landing the job or not. We all know the difficulties involved in searching for a new job, I have been there myself. I started Red Resume with the simple idea that good people deserve good jobs. Sometimes the best candidates are often overlooked for the smallest reasons. In an ever changing world candidates need to be as prepared as possible. I don't want to see hiring managers miss out on the perfect candidate. I don't want you to miss out on that job. It all starts with getting your resume read" 

- Chris Neumann


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