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The Value of a Professional Resume

Wondering if investing in a professional resume writing service is too much? Considering we dedicate a significant portion of our waking hours to work, pursuing the best possible job makes sense. Don't let a self-made resume dictate your employment prospects. Red Resumes is committed to showcasing your skills, knowledge, and experience in the most effective manner.

6 seconds 

is the amount of time the average hiring manager spends reading one resume. We know you have more of a story to tell, contact us to come up with a solution!


ATS or Applicant Tracking System use an AI program to scan through resumes received and recommends what it believes are top picks to the hiring managers. We want your resume to be seen by a human. We use a variety of tips and tricks to help your resume get noticed, ask us how! 

"Send me your resume"

Be prepared with a resume you feel confident in. When beginning your search for a new job being prepared with a solid resume in your back pocket will help with that first impression. 

Invest in Yourself

Individuals that change jobs every 2-3 years make 10-15% more on average. We want to see everyone be successful in their job search. We offer resume storage solutions, if you need another copy of your resume at anytime give us a call.

Q. "What is the difference between you and other writing services?"

A. "Our team is focused on getting your resume read. Part of that process is doing analysis of the positions you are applying for to come up with a strategy for displaying your experience. Whether you are targeting a specific position or more of a general industry we get to know you in order to bring your resume to life."

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Our Story

We have been in your boots. We know the feeling of standing in the field wondering what it takes to get to that next level. We know you have the skills, knowledge, and experience. Let us help you put that into writing that gets noticed. 

"Red Resume was born from the idea that often the best candidates are overlooked."

Need Help with your resume? 

Connect with us!

If you aren't sure where to start with your resume, or you have applied to hundreds of jobs with no luck we would love to help! 

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